Board Of Directors Elected

The Board of Directors of Charleswood Curling Club Ltd. was elected and began holding regular meetings to conduct club business.


Through an Act of Legislature, Charleswood Curling Club Limited was allowed to incorporate as a non-profit organization with the authority to assess and sell shares.

Facilities Upgrade

New lighting installed over the ice surface. Modernized the clubrooms with bar facilities

Ice Improvements

Ice base was replaced to a depth of approximately six feet, which resulted in an improvement of the ice surface.

Gas Heaters Installed

Installed gas heaters in the rink area.

Artificial Ice Installed

Artificial ice was installed.

Present Curling Rink Officially Opened

The present Club building was officially opened in early 1956

New Rink Curling Started

Curling started in the new rink November 1955

New Rink Construction Started

Construction of the new rink was started in June and this would not have been possible without the volunteer labour of the ladies, men and teenagers of the community.

First Car Lottery

The first car lottery in Winnipeg (two cars) provided a large part of the funds required to finance the start of the present five sheet rink; a necessary undertaking as the demand for ice time had greatly outgrown the capacity of the three sheet rink.

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