2020/2021 Curling Season Executive Update

February 15 Update

Hello, Charleswood Curling Club Curlers.    

 The Charleswood Curling Club (CCC) Executive has reviewed the recent Provincial update to extend restrictions that do not allow indoor sports facilities like our Club to operate in a way that would allow us to resume a curling season. 

After this announcement, and paired with some feedback from our curlers, your Executive has unfortunately decided it is time to shut down the club and ice plant for the remainder of this season.  We hope that by the start of next season we may be able to return to close to normal curling again. 

The Executive and Board would like to thank you for your patience through the last almost 12 months of COVID. As indicated at the beginning of the year, CCC will be reimbursing curlers to a maximum of 70% of ice fees for curling that was canceled.  We are working out the details and will communicate them to all leagues in the very near future. 

We are also working with CurlManitoba to secure charitable donation status through the National Sports Trust Fund if our members should choose to donate their refund to the CCC.   

As a reminder, there is still the 50/50 draw through CurlManitoba. The link can be found at  The website is user friendly.  Simply select CCC as the ‘competitor to support’ from the dropdown list when you purchase tickets. 

Monthly draws are to be held for the next three months (January’s winner won 40% of the $17,575 pot).  A portion of the total profit will come back to CCC. 

Thank you again for your patience through these times and I look forward to seeing you next season. 

Ryan Wizbicki President Charleswood Curling Club

2020/2021 Curling Season Executive Update

January 28, Update

Hello Charleswood Curling Club members, the Charleswood Curling Club executive have continued to meet by teleconference, our last one being Friday, January 22 the day after the Province of Manitoba announced updates to current COVID restrictions. Nothing changed for Charleswood Curling Club. The Province will re-evaluate in  3 weeks. Please forward this on to your members.

What we decided at our meeting last Friday is that the next time the Province announces what the plan is going forward is, Charleswood Curling Club will either begin curling again for a shortened remainder of the season or will decide to shut down the ice plant for this season and start up again at the usual time next season, which would be unfortunate to lose the remainder of the current curling season.

In some other news, you may have seen the 50/50 the CurlManitoba is running, some of the proceeds can go to Charleswood Curling Club if you select that club when buying tickets. You can access this draw from our club website

And one other piece of news is that there is an Ironman Curling Bonspiel to be held on February 12-14 at the Redboine Boat Club on Churchill Drive in Winnipeg. I have attached the notice and you can also go to for more details and to register.

As always if you have any questions you or your curlers can email and one of the people that monitor it will respond. Thank you again all for your patience through these uncertain times. Ryan Wizbicki, PresidentCharleswood Curling Club,


2020/2021 Curling Season Executive Update

Curl MB 50/50 link

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