January 12, 2021 Updte

The Charleswood Curling Club executive have continued to meet by teleconference, our last one being Friday January 8 the day that the Province of Manitoba was to announce updates to current COVID restrictions. They were extended for 2 weeks with really not changes.
The ice is still in at Charleswood Curling Club. We have scheduled our next executive meeting for Friday January 22 and are hopeful that there may be some news that we may be able to return to curling in February. We are still looking at the option of restarting the season and extending it until the end of April.

You may have heard that La Salle Curling Club and just recently Deer Lodge have decided to shut down until next season, we hope to not have to follow the direction they decided on.

We have been approached to host the 2022 Western Canada Blind Curling Championships at Charleswood Curling Club in March 2022 so we are beginning discussion with the Manitoba Blind Sport Association towards that event that would be held on the ice at Charleswood Curling Club over a few days during the course of a week.

CurlManitoba will also be hosting The CurlManitoba Curling Club 50-50 Raffle that will be launched this week and this will help to earn money towards your Curling Club (information attached).  You will be able to choose which Club you would like to support.  This is a Provincial 50/50 with draws once per month and a cumulative draw at the end.  The more tickets purchased the larger the pot.

As always if you have any questions you or your curlers can email and one of the people that monitor it will respond. Thank you again all for your patience through these uncertain times. Ryan WizbickiPresidentCharleswood Curling Club


December 6 Update

Hello, the Charleswood Curling Club executive has continued to meet by teleconference every 2 weeks over the past couple of months.

At this time there are still provincial restrictions related to COVID put in place by the Province of Manitoba which continues to keep curling rinks closed. The current restrictions are in place until December 11 at which time (or sooner) the Province of Manitoba will provide an update on the direction they will be going as it relates to leaving in place, tightening or relaxing restrictions. If you have heard any news, our current new daily cases in Manitoba continues to be between 250 and 400 per day.

Once we hear the direction that the province decides to take we will make a decision on when curling can start again, or if we have to delay the restart a little longer. The ice is still in and would require a couple of days before we could get back out to curling.  Once a path forward is determined, we will communicate adjustments to schedule as some adjustments will need to be made to get the remainder of the season in. At this time we can still extend at the end of the season to still try to get a full season in.

Also, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum has a Most Notable Team fundraiser currently on and Jeff Stoughton has 2 teams nominated in the top 25. Attached is a poster for this fundraiser and you can follow this link to find out more.
One other update if you drive by the Club. The old yellow awning that was in terrible shape was removed this past weekend. We will at a later date determine what is to be done but will wait until we know what is going on with the season.

The Charleswood Curling Club website has also had some updates to it over the past couple weeks and the changes can be seen at

Thank you all for your patience through these uncertain times.
Ryan WizbickiPresidentCharleswood Curling ClubAttachments area


Vote for Jeff Stoughton

Vote for Jeff Stoughton’s Charleswood team as Manitoba’s Most Notable Curling Team.

As a Manitoba 150 project, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum identified the Most Notable 150 teams in Manitoba history – and has invited People’s Choice voting for the #1 Most Notable.

Two Jeff Stoughton teams are included on the list of 25 and as the fund-raiser project has just two weeks until its end date, I am encouraging support for the one which has generated the greater support so far – Stoughton’s 2011 World Champion team.

Attached is a Team Stoughton E-poster – one of a set which we will be using in our final publicity efforts.

As a Charleswood CC member myself, I’d like to encourage your support of Team Stoughton in the People’s Choice voting (via donations in their name) at

If you’d like to review the entire group of teams in the nominated 25, you can go to

Thanks for your support.
Resby Coutts