Mens’ Leagues

CWCC Mens’ League Rules

NOTE to all teams………

  • There is still a few teams contributing to slow play. There should be no reason for the whole team to get involved oi determining shots to be played.
  • Please keep pace with the rest of the group on the ice.
  • The early draw starts at 6:30pm. This means handshakes should already have been done and the coin flip taken place.
  • Teams should already be on the ice to begin throwing first rocks at 6:30pm.
  • Teams starting late on the 6:30 draw affects the teams starting on the late draw.

2020  Viterra Manitoba Men’s Provincial Curling Championship

  • As you know, Charleswood C.C. will be hosting the 2020 men’s provincial championships at Eric Coy Arena in February 2020
  • A curling event of this size has the potential to raise a large amount of revenue for the Charleswood Curling Club. In 2017 our Club hosted the Scotties which brought in $83,000 in revenue to our club. This paid for replacement of our ice plant and a large number of improvements to our Curling Club. This profit was a direct result of the tremendous support of the volunteers.
  • The 2020 Viterra Men’s Provincial Championship has the potential to bring in another large amount of revenue to our curling club. But it will require volunteers to make this event both a success and profitable. So we strongly need your help. To volunteer go to the sign-up page here

Monday Night Draw 2


Tuesday Night Round 2



Wednesday Night Round 2


Thursday Night Round 2