Registration Wednesday September 13th at 7 PM

Mens’ Night Rules

Regular Draw Points:

Round 1

  • All Teams- 9 for a win 5 for a loss

Rounds 2 & 3

  • A Group – 10 for a win 5 for a loss
  • B Group – 9 for a win 4 for a loss
  • C Group – 8 for a win 3 for a loss
  • D Group – 7 for a win 2 for loss


Movement after each round is determined by cumulative year-to-date points.

Interlocking games use points of higher group.

Tie-breaking rules:

  • Two teams tied – winner of the game between the two is the winner.
  • Three or more teams tied – most wins amongst the teams involved. Team in a higher group remains in the case of a tie with a team in lower group.
  • If the tie cannot be broken, the drawmaster will decide by random means.

Non-club members may spare for a team a maximum of three games per season. The spare must play lead or if two spares, lead and second.

After round 1, Monday and Wednesday nights’ teams will be divided into groups A & B as determined by the round 1 results. Tuesday and Thursday nights’ teams will be divided into groups A, B, C & D as determined by the round 1 results.

After round 2, teams will be re-grouped as determined by their cumulative year-to-date points.

Games will be 8 ends for both league and championship draws.

Play will be under the 4 rock rule as outlined by the C.C.A.

For all championships spares must be club members and must play lead, or lead and second if two spares are used.

Group Championships:

Winner of round 2 will play the winner of round 3 to determine the group winner for each group (A,B,C,D) for each night.

Ties will be broken as outlined in the general rules (except if three teams are tied for a round 2 winner and one of those three teams wins round 3 outright, then the other round 2 teams will playoff for the round 2 spot and play the round 3 winner for the group championship)

If a team wins rounds 2 & 3 in the same group for the same night, then that team is declared the group winner.

If a team wins two different groups for the same night, that team forfeits the lower group spot and that spot will be awarded to the runner-up from that particular round.

Club Championship:

Qualifiers – top twelve teams as determined by the total cumulative points (all three rounds). These twelve teams will be determined as follows – 2 from Monday; 4 from Tuesday; 2 from Wednesday & 4 from Thursday.

Tie(s) for any of these spots will be determined through a playoff as determined by the drawmaster.

Play will be a double knockout with top four teams (as ranked by total points regardless of night) getting a first round bye

Surviving 4 teams will go into a modified Page format with placings based on year end cumulative point totals (#1 – most total points of remaining teams, #2 – second most total points of remaining teams, etc.)

Consolation Championship:

The next 32 ranked teams from #13 to #44 (as determined by total cumulative points)
will be randomly placed into a single knockout bonspiel.

Beer Event:

The remaining 16 teams ranked #45 to # 60 (as determined by total cumulative points) will be randomly placed into a single knockout bonspiel Games must be played at the time and date designated (any night Monday to Thursday). Where possible, the final game of each event will be played on the banquet night. The banquet night, when possible, will be on the Thursday night before the Good Friday Holiday.