Mixed Seniors

The Charleswood Mixed Seniors expect to commence curling for the season on Friday October 13th, 2017. The seniors are still looking for interested curlers and/or spares. Drop by on the 13th and meet the curlers.


The Charleswood Seniors Mixed Curling League has been in operation since 1970, using the facilities of the Charleswood Curling Club. Originally we were a social club offering activities such as carpet bowling, bridge, cribbage and a senior’s choir… in addition to curling. Over the years, interest in activities other than curling has diminished, so that now we are primarily a mixed curling club.

We still stress the word “social”. The league offers mixed recreational, fun curling with no prizes/trophies etc. – just good fun and good fellowship for curlers of all levels. Players enter as individuals, not teams. Four times a year the teams are reorganized to optimize the social aspect, thereby allowing everyone to get to know one another. Generally, curlers play at the position they choose.


Monday and Friday mornings at 9:30 AM starting mid October and finishing mid March. We curl four nine-game quarters. The first two quarters are usually completed before Christmas.

Executive: (2017-2018)

  • President Wally Pyl 204-488-2123
  • Past President Mac Morton
  • Ice and Draw Greg Scmidt
  • Membership Albert Janier 204-885-4521
  • Treasurer Sig Schroeder
  • Secretary Howard Lutman
  • Social Meta Ecclestone/Marielle Craw


To register, please complete the registration form and send it along with your money to the Membership Chair.

For curlers who are not able to commit for a full season we do accept registration for less than a full season. Preference is given to full season registrants. We also welcome curlers who wish to spare in our league. The spare fee is $5.00 per game, payable when you curl. For more information please contact the Membership Chair, Albert Janier at 204-885-4521.


Date Received: ____________

(Please print clearly & complete all details)

Name ______________________________________________________________ Phone ____________________

Address ______________________________________________ Email _________________________________

Emergency Contact ____________________________________________________________________________

I would prefer to play: Skip ____Third____ Second ____ Lead ____ (Please indicate order of preference 1, 2, 3)

I am registering: (Please check one of the following)

o for the full season. I wish to curl all four quarters.

o for a part season. I wish to curl only the following quarters: 1ST ____ 2ND ____ 3RD ____ 4TH ____

o as a spare. I am available to curl in the following quarters: 1ST ____ 2ND ____ 3RD ____ 4TH ____

With this application I am submitting my curling fees in the amount of _______________. (See Fees below)
(Please make cheques payable to the Charleswood Seniors Curling Club)
I ______________________________________agree to allow my Name, Address and Telephone Number to appear on the Charleswood Curling Club and Curl Manitoba membership lists to be used only for curling purposes.

______________________________________ _______________________________

Our League is a mixed social organization (as opposed to a competitive curling league). We offer no prizes or trophies. We invite curlers of all abilities to join us for fun and fellowship. Players enter as individuals (not teams), and we reorganize the teams each quarter to encourage social interaction. We curl at 9:30 AM Mondays and Fridays. We are a seniors group, but do not have any specific age requirements.

The season consists of four nine-game quarters. Usually the first two quarters are completed prior to Christmas. Our first game is in mid October, and the last in mid March.
Food coupons are mandatory for all curlers (spares are exempt). To ensure a quality and viable food/canteen service the Charleswood Curling Club executive requires all curlers to purchase a $25 book of food coupons. These coupons are redeemable for food and drink at the canteen. The caterer is a vital part of the curling club. We thank you in advance for your support.

Fees for 2017/18

Full- time curler $190
Per quarter $50
Mandatory Food Coupons $25

To Register

To register complete the top portion of this application form,
and submit it along with your curling fees to our membership chair.
Be sure to include $25 for your food coupons. The $25 may be
combined into one cheque with your curling fee. Make your
cheque payable to the “Charleswood Seniors Curling Club”.
Please register as early as possible, no later than Sept. 15th.
Curlers are accepted on a first come basis. Please note, full
season curlers are given preference over part season curlers.

Refunds of curling fees are given in certain circumstances, e.g. health problems.
If you require any further information please contact our membership chair,
Greg Schmidt
Phone: 204-885-1282
Email: gts@tplogic.org