Club History

The success of the Charleswood Curling Club from its humble beginning was mainly due to the abiding faith of its members in the sport of curling and its place in the life on the community.


Curling Rink Founded

April 22, 1946

April 22, a Limited Company was formed and the appointed Board of Directors authorized the purchase of land at Fairmont Road and Grant Avenue for $500. A three sheet curling rink was subsequently built by volunteer labour, at a cost of $3,500.

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Matching Stones Purchased

January 1, 1952

After using unmatched rocks for six years, new matched curling rocks for three sheets were purchased at a cost of approximately $66 per pair. Curling dues had been increased by $1 for a two year period to create a ‘Rock Fund’.

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First Car Lottery

January 1, 1954

The first car lottery in Winnipeg (two cars) provided a large part of the funds required to finance the start of the present five sheet rink; a necessary undertaking as the demand for ice time had greatly outgrown the capacity of the three sheet rink.

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New Rink Construction Started

June 1, 1955

Construction of the new rink was started in June and this would not have been possible without the volunteer labour of the ladies, men and teenagers of the community.

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New Rink Curling Started

November 1, 1955

Curling started in the new rink November 1955

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Present Curling Rink Officially Opened

January 1, 1956

The present Club building was officially opened in early 1956

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Artificial Ice Installed

January 1, 1959

Artificial ice was installed.

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Last Car Lottery

April 1, 1959

Commencement of the Charleswood Car Spiel which continued for a world record of 16 years

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Gas Heaters Installed

January 1, 1965

Installed gas heaters in the rink area.

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Ice Improvements

January 1, 1966

Ice base was replaced to a depth of approximately six feet, which resulted in an improvement of the ice surface.

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Facilities Upgrade

January 1, 1972

New lighting installed over the ice surface. Modernized the clubrooms with bar facilities

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MCA President

January 1, 1981

A first for Charleswood: this year’s MCA President, Bob Lloyd is one of our club members.

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January 1, 1981

Through an Act of Legislature, Charleswood Curling Club Limited was allowed to incorporate as a non-profit organization with the authority to assess and sell shares.

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Board Of Directors Elected

January 1, 1982

The Board of Directors of Charleswood Curling Club Ltd. was elected and began holding regular meetings to conduct club business.

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Club Expansion

January 1, 1988

Expansion of the Charleswood Curling Club, providing additional canteen, clubroom, locker room space, as well as new locker room facilities for the ladies.

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Roof Replacement

January 1, 1988

The entire roof covering the ice surface was redone. Funds were obtained from cash calendars.

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MLCA President

January 1, 1995

This year’s MLCA President Caryn Blashko is one of our club members.

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Plant Improvements

January 2, 1995

The chiller, condenser, oil separator, and the brine pump were replaced.

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Board Replacement

January 1, 1996

The boards separating the ice surface were replaced after 40 odd years. All work was accomplished with volunteer labour.

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Ice Area Insulation

January 1, 2001

The Ice area is insulated overhead and down the sides for 10 feet. This should provide a more comfortable environment for the curlers.

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New Stones Purchased

January 1, 2010

Full set of Ailsa Granite stones purchased to replace our 50+ year-old rocks

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Club Improvements

January 1, 2013

Shingled roof over ice and flatroof over Clubhouse replaced, all headers replaced, lounge glasswasher, canteen deep fryer replaced

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