Mens’ Leagues

CWCC Mens’ League Rules

NOTE to all teams………

Good day Curlers

Now that all teams have completed their 3rd Round of the regular season.

The Men’s League combines all the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday teams into one league.

This means you may not play on your regular evening. As the playoff games will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.  

All teams are guaranteed at least one playoff game. Playoffs start next Tuesday, March 14th and continue to Thursday, April 6th.

Be sure to check the Group Championship draw below. As Your team may have qualified for one of these games.

To find what event your team is in. Look at the attached Overall Points Standings. Once you’ve determined which event your teams are in.

Then open the attached corresponding pdf to see your game times.

The playoff draw will be posted at the Club as well as on the curling club website. 

Please see the Men’s League Rules link at the top of the page. This is to ensure clarification on the use of spares during the playoffs. Refer to the section on Page 2  Post Season Play

Thursday April 6th is the Men’s League Windup dinner. This was included in your team fees. So, no cost to attend.

There is a team signup sheet posted on the Men’s League Board. Please indicate if your team is coming and how many members.

At the wind up. The Club Championship, Bill Clement Memorial Event and Beer Event championship games will be played.

These games start at 5:30pm. So come out, have a few cocktails, and cheer the teams on.

Once these games are completed. We will have dinner. Then hand out prizes and trophies to the winning teams.

At the wind-up dinner, a $350 deposit will be required to hold your team’s spot for the 2023/24 curling season.

Overall Points Standings

Group Championship Playoffs

Club Championship Playoffs

Bill Clement Playoffs

Beer Event Playoffs

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