Mens’ Leagues

CWCC Mens’ League Rules

NOTE to all teams………

  • There are still a few teams contributing to slow play. There should be no reason for the whole team to get involved in determining shots to be played.
  • Please keep pace with the rest of the group on the ice.
  • The early draw starts at 6:30 pm.
  • Teams should already be on the ice to begin throwing first rocks at 6:30 pm.
  • Teams starting late on the 6:30 draw affects the teams starting on the late draw.

Good day Curlers

The Charleswood Men’s league will be having a season ending wind up banquet on Thursday, March 31st.

The cost of this year end banquet is included in your team fees. So there is no cost to your team to attend.

I have posted a banquet sign up sheet on the bulletin board beside the men’s league draw.

Please indicate on the sign up sheet how many from your team will be attending the wind up dinner.

This will help us inform the kitchen on how much food to prepare and how much staff is required.

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

All teams are in the playoffs. The playoffs start on Tuesday, March 8th and will continue through to the final Championship games being played on March 31stat 5:30pm

Immediately after these Championship games are played. We will then have our season ending banquet with trophies and prizes handed out.

Our playoff format combines all the men’s league teams from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday into one big pool.

Your team could play games on any of these days Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Depending on your teams total season ending points. Your team will play in one of following playoff events.

The Group playoff (only for teams that secure one of the playoff spots)

The first nine games of the season was a round robin to sort teams into the A/B – C/D sides of the draw.

The teams from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the highest points on the A side, B side, C side and D side (on their respective night of play) in the 2nd five game 2nd Round secured a spot in the Group Round playoff.

Then the team with the highest points in each group in the 3rd Round secures the other Group playoff spot.

These Group finalists will have a one game playoff to determine the Group winner from each men’s league nights.

Group Round playoffs begin on Tuesday March 8th.

All teams will be placed in one of these three playoff events.

The Club Championship (top 12 teams in total season points)  This event is a double knock out / page playoff style event.

The Bill Clement Memorial Event (the next 28 teams based on total season points) This event is a single knock out event

The Beer Event (the next 8 teams based on total season points) This event is a single knock out event

Group Playoffs

Club Championships Playoffs

Consolation Playoffs

Beer Event Playoffs