Last Car Lottery

Commencement of the Charleswood Car Spiel which continued for a world record of 16 years

MCA President

A first for Charleswood: this year’s MCA President, Bob Lloyd is one of our club members.

Club Improvements

Shingled roof over ice and flatroof over Clubhouse replaced, all headers replaced, lounge glasswasher, canteen deep fryer replaced

New Stones Purchased

Full set of Ailsa Granite stones purchased to replace our 50+ year-old rocks

Ice Area Insulation

The Ice area is insulated overhead and down the sides for 10 feet. This should provide a more comfortable environment for the curlers.

Board Replacement

The boards separating the ice surface were replaced after 40 odd years. All work was accomplished with volunteer labour.

Plant Improvements

The chiller, condenser, oil separator, and the brine pump were replaced.

MLCA President

This year’s MLCA President Caryn Blashko is one of our club members.

Roof Replacement

The entire roof covering the ice surface was redone. Funds were obtained from cash calendars.

Club Expansion

Expansion of the Charleswood Curling Club, providing additional canteen, clubroom, locker room space, as well as new locker room facilities for the ladies.

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